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VACPN Business Meeting 10.22.10 Secretary's Report

VACPN Business Meeting



In Attendance: Sharon Daniels, Judy King, Kathy Tierney, Michelle Williams, Mairnia Sinyard, Pamela Clifton, Kirk Morton, Cathy Armes, Juanita Siyal, Larelle Carver, Wanda Cooper, Elysia Edmondson, Trady Johnson, Dorothy Boudell, Janeen Massenbuy, Belle Wiggins, Richard Elmore, Cheryl Zellmer, Gail Dussere, Margaret Watson, Louise Pesnicak, Christine Luchie, Karen Davis, Lisa Babilon, Robin Powell, Jennifer Phelps, Melissa Jones, Nancy Jones, Zeenat Ryatt, Donna Horan, Joyce Southern, Allison O’Brien, Deborah Pierce, Ashton Franklin, Jan Puffenberger



1:09pm meeting called to order by Cheryl Z. President VACPN


Reading of Secretary Report: Read by Jen P. accepted by Christine L. 2 by Louise P.


Reading of Treasure’s Report: Read by Louise P.  Accepted by Joyce S. 2 by Lisa B.


Old Business:


Spring Retreat

Location: Shrinemont confirmed

Discussed efforts to increase membership Jen P reviewed FB, web page, Mary B. of VACSB will encourage CSB Directors to encourage more participation of CSB nurses.

Jan P. brought up getting information out to members sooner and some discussion of adding all CSB nurses and D.O.N. and CSB Executives to the mailing list.


New Business:


Spring Retreat Executive Meeting date set for February 4 2011.  Jan P. will set up with Omni in Charlottesville for meeting location. Hosted by Region Ten.

Website: Reviewed how to utilize website for information and discussion board options added.  Agreed to post Treasurer’s report on the website.  Discussed web server’s agreed to keep with VistaPrint and Jen Phelps updating the site.

Bonfardin Topics voted on and Lisa will tally results.

Lisa introduced VACSB proposal regarding “Re-Packaging”  after some discussion it was decided to table this topic for now, VACPN will take a stance on concerns regarding the proposal and Lisa will present the VACPN concerns to Michelle Thomas and we will re-visit this at the Spring Retreat in 2011. 


Meeting adjourned at 2:01pm by Cheryl Z. 1 Lisa B. and 2 Christine L.


Respectfully Submitted;

Jennifer Phelps LPN Central Virginia Community Services

VACPN Secretary

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