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Secretary's Report 4/20/17

VACPN Spring Conference Business Meeting

April 20, 2017

Meadowkirk Delta Farm, Middleburg, VA


Attendance:  Jen Phelps, Co-President;  Crystal Hicks, Co-President;  Sharon Daniels, Vice-President; LuAnn Saner, Secretary; Sonya Mohr, Treasurer; Michele Morgan, Social Media Specialist; Irma Mahone, CNE Coordinator.

Regional representatives:

Regional Rep Coordinator:  Allison Downer O’Brien

Region I Rep:  Jan Puffenberger

Region II Rep:  Randy Acosta

Region IV Rep:  Lisa Babilon

Conference Attendees             



Jen made the call to order.


Jen noted that there wasn’t an electronic version of the report from the last executive meeting available to put up online.


After the membership reviewed the Treasurer’s report, Nina questioned the account maintenance fee being charged by SunTrust Bank.  Following review, Daryl Vazquez made a motion to accept, seconded by Bryan Graham.


Fall 2016 Post-Conference Survey:

·       Nina went over some of the comments that were made and highlighted that people really liked the presentation by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and that it was a short conference (i.e. Thursday evening through mid-afternoon Friday.)


Service Awards:

·       Jen noted that the Fairfax – Falls Church Community Services Board would be receiving an award from VACPN for their use of social media to promote mental health awareness.  They were unable to send a representative to the conference and will be receiving their award via email.

·       Thirty Years Celebration.  Jen mentioned that there would be special recognition given to those members celebrating thirty years with VACPN in honor of their commitment and dedication.


VACSB (Sharon Daniels, VACPN representative):

·       Sharon shared that one of their priorities is going to be same day access.  She also said that they will be looking at increasing services in jails and spoke briefly about ARTS, for substance abuse treatment.

·       Sharon will be attending the VACSB conference in Portsmouth, VA from May 3 – 5, 2017.  They will be discussing performance measures.  Sharon mentioned that she didn’t tend to see a lot of nurses there.  She added that because conferences are expenses, her recommendation to those interested in attending is that they select the ones that will be presenting the most information.  She also advised finding out when and where their committee meetings are being held.  Jen noted that VACSB very much wants VACPN to be represented at their meetings.


Virginia Board of Nursing (VBON) (Jen Phelps, Secretary of VBON):

·       Jen shared that a bill will be voted upon whether people identified as substance abusers be referred to treatment services.


Legislative Coalition of Virginia Nurses (LCVN) (Lisa Babilon, VACPN representative):

·       Lisa shared that they are tracking bills in the state legislature that might impact nurses and patients.  She said that there are a lot of bills pertaining to the opioid crisis.  Lisa briefly discussed HB1549 and SB1005, both of which were passed and then signed into law in March 2017.  A provision for CSBs to provide same day psychiatric evaluation to individuals served goes into effect July 1, 2019.  There is also a provision that will go into effect on July 1, 2021 for CSBs to provide core services that include mental health services for members of the military and veterans living 50 and 40 miles, respectively, from military and VA treatment facilities.  Also going into effect on July 1, 2019, are provisions to provide crisis services, psychiatric rehabilitation services, primary care screenings, and monitoring of physical health indicators and risks.


CNEs (Nina Beaman, CNE Coordinator):

·       Nina gave a preview of coming attractions.  She said that topics of specific interest to those working with ID and Youth and Family populations will be covered.  She also said that we will be doing breakout sessions by nursing sub-specialty to learn what topics are of interest for upcoming conferences.


Social Media (Michele Morgan, Social Media Coordinator):

·       Michele asked members to ‘like’ the VACPN FB page.  She said that our fan page has over 100 followers, a lot of whom are CSBs.


Regional Rep Reports:

·       Region I:  Allison reached out to members from Region I.

·       Region II:  Randy said she would be working on having a regional meeting following this conference.

·       Region III:  Nobody present to report.

·       Region IV:  Lisa reported sending out a ‘save the date’ for a regional meeting planned for June.

·       Region V:  Region V relayed some news to share.  They said that Northern Neck added a PACT team and that Newport News had expanded services, increased primary care, and hired a care coordinator.


Awards Ceremony (Jen Phelps, Co-President):

·       Jen announced to the membership that there would be a reception tonight to honor Irma and Jeanne, co-founders of VACPN.  She said that a $100 donation had been made to NAMI in their name.  Every year from now on a VACPN nurse will be selected to have a donation made in their honor.  Jen reminded the membership that we have not been receiving nominations and encouraged everyone to think about anyone who ought to be recognized.


Breakout Session Guidelines (Jen Phelps, Co-President):

·       Jen discussed things for everyone to be thinking about going into the breakout sessions.  She asked everyone to consider how to increase membership.  She also asked everyone to discuss where they would be interested to go for spring conference.  She noted that price is an issue as is getting off work for 2 1/2 days.  Jen also requested that members consider running for offices and speak with past officers and regional reps to get an understanding of the work involved.   In addition, she asked that everyone consider having a membership fee that would be collected every February.  She pointed out that it is somewhat non-existent right now, having been rolled into the fee for spring conference.

·       Jen listed the offices that would be voted upon following the breakout sessions:  Co-Presidents, CNE Coordinator, Secretary, Social Media Coordinator, Regional Rep Coordinator, and Regional Reps.  Regarding the Regional Reps, Jen asked that everyone consider whether we want to make that a 2-year term.



Reports from Breakout Sessions:


·       Region II:  Randy Acosta was elected to continue as Region II rep.  She reported that Region II expressed a general preference to return to Shrinemont for the spring 2018 conference, but maybe cutting it from 2 ½ to 1 ½ days.  She said that they had discussed having a membership drive by having members bring information about VACPN into their workplaces.  She also said that region II had discussed perhaps collecting membership fees at both the fall and the spring conference.  Jen responded that doing it in February would make it easier on the Treasurer and that collecting 25 dollars just once a year would make it easier on people financially.

·       Region I:  Jan Puffenberger was elected to continue as Region I rep.  She said that they will be holding regional meetings the third week in August and the third week in February.  She shared that Nina offered to make up a flyer about VACPN to distribute to prospective members during the upcoming Nurses’ Week in May.  Jan reported that they would be looking at other departments in the CSB besides Mental Health that have nurses, such as ID and SA, to make sure they have an opportunity to provide input on what conference offerings would be of interest to them.  She said that regarding spring conference, Region II preferred that it be 1 ½ days duration and that lodging be one night in a hotel.  She pointed out that a lot of people come to fall conference (which has traditionally been held in a hotel.)  She also said that region II recommended charging only a conference fee and having everyone arrange their hotel room on their own.  Region II agreed that collecting a membership fee each February was fine.

·       Region III:  There were no representatives present from Region III.  Jen said that she would be reaching out to Patricia Crissman, who recently lost her mother.

·       Region IV:  Lisa, the current regional rep, said that Terri was elected to be the new rep for region IV.  She reported that region IV was not in favor of reducing the number of days for the spring conference.  She also said that they did not want to go to Shrinemont, and wanted to propose Shalom House in Montpelier, VA as a possible site.  Region IV was fine with collecting membership fees in February, but also wanted to keep the option to collect them at the spring conference.

·       Region V:  Allison, the regional rep coordinator, reported for region V.  She said that Joanne Archie was elected to continue as regional rep.  Region V agreed that everyone should try to increase membership, and that adding topics of interest to ID, SA, and Child/Adolescent was a good idea.  They would like to go to Shrinemont for spring conference and keep the duration at 2 ½ days.  They are fine with collecting a membership fee in February.  They will be having the fall 2017 conference in their region.


Vote on Officers:

·       Co-Presidents:  Lisa Babilon was nominated by Sharon.  Jen Phelps was nominated by LuAnn.  Ayes were unanimous, none opposed.

·       CNE Coordinator:  Allison nominated Kirk.  Jen seconded.  Ayes were unanimous, none opposed.

·       Secretary:  Michele Morgan was nominated by LuAnn.  Jen seconded.  Ayes were unanimous, none opposed.

·       Social Media Specialist:  Crystal was nominated by Allison.  Ayes were unanimous, none opposed.


The business meeting closed with Nina reviewing the new CNE form for members to complete and turn in to receive 6 ANCC hours.  She reminded everyone that they did not need to write a dissertation, and said that brief comments would be beneficial.


The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be Friday, August 4, 2017 at 10:00 AM at Valley CSB.


Respectfully Submitted, LuAnn Saner, Secretary.


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