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Regional Rep Report

Regional Rep Report Submitted by Allison O'Brien, RN, VACPN Regional Rep Coordinator Region 1: Had a meeting in Charlottesville for medication updates in August, but have not met since. We are pursuing a good time to meet and whether to meet face-to-face or virtually.   Region 2:   Region 3:   Region 4: Did not meet.  Tried, but there wasn’t enough interest.  Marina was impacted by a reduction in force at Crossroads CSB.  She is now with our CSB (Hanover) in a management position.    Region 5: Did not meet.  H-NNCSB is getting ready to have a Pharmacy onsite to provide medications to clinics, residential homes and employees.  They also are working with a medical clinic and have an onsite Medical office twice a week to service out clients.   Va Beach CSB - Crisis Stabilization Unit known as “Recovery Center” has changed names to “Pathways Center at Birdneck Circle.” Their Nurse Manager position is vacant so “Pathways” will continue to provide crisis stabilization and detox services to Virginia Beach and Regional CSB consumers.  Services at the location include, but are not limited to:   ·      Crisis Stabilization: These services are provided to individuals undergoing an acute mental health crisis.  Specialized services are provided to individuals with a co-occurring mental health and substance abuse diagnoses. ·      Medically Monitored Detoxification: This service is provided to individuals with an addiction to substances (predominantly alcohol, opioids and benzodiazepines).  Medical professionals will continue to oversee the detoxification process to ensure safety as well as psychosocial education and counseling are provided.    Cheapeake CSB - Tele-Psychiatry- have two Nurse Practitioners and one psychiatrist using tele-psych. Opened a Pharmacy in the CSB last month. Westwood Chesapeake Behavioral Health Pharmacy—Chesapeake. Open to all clients and CSB staff. They are providing any and all RX’s for insurance and self pay and are using them for our subsidized  funds meds. They are taking care of our samples and the goal is to have them take over PAP meds!!! They are also packaging the meds for PACT delivery so there will be no more nurses setting up pill packs!! Chesapeake CSB is one of the 8 chosen to become a CCBHC----Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic .  

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