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Fall Conference Business Meeting 10.10.14


Oct. 10, 2014

10:30 – 12:30PM

Hyatt House, Richmond



Lisa Babilon, VACPN president, opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.


APPROVAL OF MINUTESMs. Babilon requested review of minutes from the May 8, 2014, spring conference business meeting for approval and/or discussion. Kirk Morton moved approval. Jen Phelps seconded. Motion approved.


APPROVAL OF TREASURER’S REPORTMs. Babilon requested review of treasurer’s report from the May 8, 2014, spring conference business meeting for approval and/or discussion. Cheryl Zellmer moved approval. Sharon Daniels seconded. General discussion on funds to date and amount due for payment of current conference followed. All approved.




Scholarships are available. Regional representatives need to push these in order to recruit new members. Jen Phelps continues to keep the website updated. She has been appointed a representative on the Board of Nursing.


CEU status: Diligently worked on at committee meeting on Oct. 9. Irma spoke on two-year strategic planning. We must develop quality outcomes. She will contact VNA for examples. Kirk Morton accepted the position of co-coordinator with Irma to continue to create and complete CNE requirements. Discussion regarding creating a survey to regional representatives each February to generate feedback from each region followed.


Sharon Daniels attended the VACSB conference Oct. 1-3 at Hotel Roanoke and the professional ethics event.  She felt that the conference was very politically driven and difficult. Thursday was public policy day and featured commissioner Dr. Deborah Ferguson and the key points were budget, home health plans, increase in substance abuse in corrections, increase in counselors regarding substance abuse and more intensive oversight of controlled substances administered by caretakers of the elderly. Dr. Ferguson’s website, “all in” newsletter monthly. VACSB nursing council letter: Ms. Daniels doesn’t think we are ready for a council. Executive committee will continue to work on this. Revision to bylaws: Mission statement added. Retreat changed to seminar. Mental retardation changed to intellectual disabilities. Membership and dues changes: “NP” added with respect to level of preparation; “applications” removed; “reminder notices” for payment of dues removed; fiscal year corrected to June 1 to May 31; and website noted.


LCVN: We are coalition members. Different nurses associations bring legislative issues to the table. Ms. Babilon brings this information back to us; provisional RN licensure: spawned by online education, emergency regulations have been in effect but not used by employers; supported criminal background checks for LPN or RN licensure applicants.

Ms. Phelps spoke on this regarding the importance of nurse registry to keep violators from practicing in another state. DHP requiring home health and hospice agencies to report unprofessional conduct/SA leading to unsafe practice – supported.




Dr. Ferguson will be invited to speak at future conferences although our spring conference conflicts with the VACSB conference. There have been four transformation teams set up and will meet soon. This is to conduct a thorough review and revision of DBHDS services. These four teams are listed in the “all in” newsletter. Future large stakeholder group will provided feedback and assistance to the teams. Public comment periods and public meetings throughout the state are to come. Governor’s task force on prescription drug and heroin abuse meet Oct. 9 at 1 p.m.




Next executive committee meeting: Feb. 6, 2015, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., location to be determined later. 2015 spring conference at Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs, May 6-8. Tentative theme: Examining the role of the CPN in crisis intervention. Sen. Creigh Deeds is confirmed as the keynote speaker. Other confirmed speakers are Kathy Tierney, crisis stabilization model; and Deborah Jefferson, CIT trainer of the year. Still need two speakers for Friday. Offer any ideas for regional representative.


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