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Executive Meeting 10.9.14


Oct. 9, 2014

10:30 – 12:30PM

Hyatt House, Richmond


Officers attending: Lisa



SLisa Babilon welcomed the committee and began the meeting.


APPROVAL OF MINUTESMinutes of the Aug. 15, 2014, executive committee meeting were approved.


APPROVAL OF TREASURER’S REPORTThe treasurer’s report was approved.




Lisa Babilon read a letter regarding CHIP. Funding is ending in 2015, but why is unknown. Irma Mahone said that because Medicaid expansion was not supported, CHIP should be funded.Every February regional representatives will survey and collaborate with VACPN members about speakers for meetings.Commissioner Deborah Ferguson signed a task force regarding a heroin study.Sharon Daniels attended the VASCB conference. In her view VASCB does not feel that they are ready for nurses’ council participation.Kirk Morton talked about integrated health care. He said billing is a major issue.




Jennifer Phelps discussed an expanded role for regional representatives, to inspire them to reach out, collaborate and network. She suggested a regional coordinator work with them and come to meetings.


Irma Mahone spoke in detail about CNEs and ANCC criteria. She was very specific about what we need to do as a committee to meet requirements. VACPN has to establish strategic goals and quality outcome measures to receive CNEs.




Next executive committee meeting: Feb. 6, 2015, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., location to be determined later.2015 spring conference at Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs, May 6-8.


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