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Board of Pharmacy approved VACSB Medication Repackaging Training curriculum






On behalf of the VACSB I am pleased to be able to distribute an approved training outline to allow CSB staff at a CSB location to repackage medication that been dispensed for a specific client.





This VACSB Medication Repackaging Training Program has been approved by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. The bullets below are important and address the required certification  for staff to be able to  repackage medications and meet the requirements of the relevant regulations.





 *   Please do not address any questions to the Board of Pharmacy. Questions should be posted on the VACSB Bulletin Board titled "Regulatory Committee". This is to both not needlessly annoy the Board but also to assure clear, complete and accurate answers that are available to our whole system. If you need simple clarification or have some general question about this material over the next couple of weeks feel free to email or call me. If it relates to something not addressed, please post the question as indicated above.





 *   This is a single approved program and as such you must adhere to some requirements:

    *   When you implement the VACSB training program in your CSB/BHA or Region, you must use only a licensed pharmacist of a registered pharmacy technician with one year’s experience [see regulations] as an instructor.

    *   You must register any trainers you intend to use with VACSB by sending their name, mailing address and license number to Linda at VACSB.

    *   You must use the attached template to award all staff who successfully complete the program the official VACSB Certificate of Completion

    *   You must keep a record of the names of those completing the program.

 *   Please make certain that your staff responsible for the process are thoroughly familiar with the regulations

 *   The required training should last at least 3 hours, including the practical exercise.

 *   Anyone conducting the training should be familiar with these new regulations as well as the required course content.

 *   The training program is the minimum necessary to perform this function.

 *   You may wish to institute additional quality assurance mechanisms.





Attached please find five attachments:





 1.  Two versions of the same approved course outline—one in Publisher and one in Word.

 2.  Certificate of Completion Template

 3.  New regulations permitting repackaging.

 4.  Instructor Registration Form Template



Caroline Juran, Executive Director of the Board of Pharmacy, was extremely helpful in this process and went above and beyond to assure full compliance with all the regulations in the most efficient way possible.







Michael D. O'Connor, L.C.S.W.

Executive Director

Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services

10299 Woodman Road

Glen Allen, Virginia 23060


804-727-8580 Fax







18VAC110.doc (DOC — 31 KB)

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