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Welcome to the VACPN Blog!

Updates on Laws and Regulations

Article: Virginia Drops Out of Program to Improve Mental Health Services

Please click on the below link to access the article:

Article.pdf (PDF — 116 KB)

Information on Injectable Antipsychotics

Please review the attachments for more information about injectable antipsychotics and the recent policy change from DMAS now making this covered as a medical benefits instead of a pharmacy benefit. 

If you plan to attend the Spring 2016 Conference, one of our VACPN members, Kirk Morton, will speak more on the subject.  We're very excited for him to share his knowledge with us!

VACSB- Legislative Update 2-5-15

Good morning,
The VACSB Legislative Update, as of February 5, 2015, can be viewed by clickingHERE.
This document lists VACSB's positions on bills identified by the VACSB Clearinghouse Committee designated bill reviewers as well as our advocacy partners. 
The VACSB Clearinghouse Committee meets weekly during the General Assembly and the Legislative Update is published following these meetings.  The document will also be posted to the VACSB website each week.  
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the VACSB office.

Home Health, Hospice and CMH 10.30.14

Through our contacts at LCVN, the Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice asked me to do a conference call on the importance and benefits for home health / hospice nurses to engage in continuing education with respect to community psychiatric nursing.
So I attached a rough outline to start as far as talking points for the call.  If you all could take a look and let me know if you have anything to add.
Thanks, Lisa
Home Health, Hospice and Community Mental Health
Three Peas in a Pod

LCVN Update

Meeting Summary sJ47 Subcommittee

The first meeting of the Joint Subcommittee Studying Mental Health Services in the Commonwealth in the 21Century (SJ47 Subcommittee) was held in Richmond yesterday.



The Subcommittee was given a briefing on the mental health law changes by Allyson Tysinger (same as delivered at the regional trainings on mental health law changes). 


Commissioner Ferguson then provided a broad overview of the structure of the publicly funded mental health system followed by detailed information regarding funding in the system over the last decade, specific information on ECO/TDO dispositions from 01 January 2014 through 30 April 2014 (May and June data will be available in the next few weeks), and an outline of the Department’s goals in shoring up the mental health system.

July 1st mental Health Law Changes

I wanted to send out the latest information provided by DBHDS (Please see email below).


I have included a link to obtain the following forms:



Notice Of Alternative Facility Of Temporary Detention
[Form DC-4044]
Instructions Forthcoming

If you haven’t already seen it, the DBHDS website has some update information on it related to the ECO/TDO code changes as of this morning.

DBHDS Site on Recent Civil Commitment Law Changes

For your information, below is a link to the DBHDS website on the recent civil commitment law changes.  You will find on this site information on the 2014 legislation, materials and FAQs from the recent regional trainings, a link to the Supreme Court site on the new forms, updated regional protocols, and other helpful information.


Petition for rule making filed with the Board of Nursing

Hi. This came across the cyber-waves last night. The link to the announcement is below. Click on “More details on this petition” and then on “transmittal sheet” to see the petition. Essentially it’s requesting that the BON consider clinical hours obtained in a paramedic curriculum to count for clinical hours in a nursing education program. The petition will be filed in the Register of Regulations on July 28, at which time a public comment period of 30 days will begin (until Aug 27th).

Here is the link to the petition.

Close the Coverage Gap Clips 6.24.14

Close the Coverage Gap Clips
June 24, 2014

Virginia lawmakers finalize budget, averting a shutdown as GOP thwarts McAuliffe veto
The Virginia General Assembly completed work late Monday on a two-year, $96 billion state budget, averting a government shutdown and at least temporarily thwarting Gov. Terry McAuliffe's key priority of expanding health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
(Laura Vozzella and Jenna Portnoy, The Washington Post)
House again blocks McAuliffe on Medicaid

HAV Alert- Budget Update

To HAV Coalition:
The General Assembly reconvened yesterday to take action on Governor McAuliffe's line-item vetoes.  After going through both the House and the Senate, six vetoes were sustained while Speaker Howell ruled two vetoes out of order.  Critically for the fight to close the coverage gap, one of those he ruled out of order was the veto of the Stanley Amendment, which prohibits the appropriation of funds to expand Medicaid without General Assembly approval.
By removing the veto on procedural grounds, Howell avoided an override vote that would have required the support of two-thirds of both chambers and was highly unlikely in the Senate.


Viginia Budget Conference Report on "Medicaid Reform and Expansion"

Virginia Budget Conference Report on “Medicaid Reform and Expansion”
(adopted February 23, 2013)
With Governor’s Recommendations (March 26, 2013)
Item307#20c Health And Human Resources

Department Of Medical Assistance Services


Page 280, after line 14, insert:
"JJJJ.1. The Department of Medical Assistance Services shall seek federal authority through any necessary waiver(s) and/or State Plan authorization under Titles XIX and XXI of the Social Security Act to implement a comprehensive value-driven, market-based reform of the Virginia Medicaid/FAMIS programs.

DMAS Proposed Regulatory Changes Highlights

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