Welcome to the VACPN Blog!
Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses - VACPN
Welcome to the VACPN Blog!

New Features!

New Smart Phone app!

VACPN is keeping up with the times are you?
We now have a app for yoru SMART phone!
HAPPY Nurses Week!

Trainging & Education Feature!

You asked for it and now we have it!
In our Blog section there is now a New Category called Trainings & Education under this section you will find any power point presentations from past conferences that I have recieved to date and any News or important educational information I have received to date. 
I will update this section with any web links, power points, news articles or press releases I received.  I hope this helps keep you all better informed!
You can comment and debate them freely in the comment section below each post.

Pay Pal and On-Line Registration!!!

VACPN members you can now starting registering and paying on-line for conferences!  To take advantage of this for Spring Conference May 4-6th 2011 go to www.vacpn.net and click on the events page!

We are offically now using PAYPAL and offer on-line registration!  

We now have a Member update feature!

You can submit, updates on members such as, job advancements, awards, new degree's, promotions, or family information to be shared and posted.  E-mail or submit through the comment section directly on-line under Updates on Members Category.

Check out our new features!

  • We have added a Membership information page to our website.  This will tell you how to become a member if you can not attend the conference's and stay connected. 
  • Do not forget about our Discussion Board feature on this BLOG, it is a great way to network with your fellow members.
  • SAVE the Date has been added for Spring Conference.
  • Regional members, please submit your planned meeting dates and locations so they may be posted for Upcoming meetings.
  • We are still looking for nurses to submit abstracts for future training opportunities.