Minutes from VACPN Executive Committee Meeting Aug 15 2014
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Minutes from VACPN Executive Committee Meeting Aug 15 2014

Executive Committee Meeting
August 15, 2014
Attendance:  Lisa Babilon, President; Cheryl Zellmer, Vice-President; Louise Pesnicak, Treasurer;  Sharon Daniels, Secretary; Jennifer Phelps, Social Media Specialist; Irma Mahone, CNE Coordinator; Randy Ascosta, Region II Rep; Marina Sinyard, Rep; Kirk Morton, Region IV Reps;  Sonja Mohr, In-coming Treasurer
Absent:  Donna Horan, in-coming Treasurer, Region I , Region III and Region V Representatives.
WELCOMING STATEMENTSLisa Babilon, President welcomed the committee and began the meeting at 10:15AMAPPROVAL  OF MINUTESReview of 5/8/14 Spring Business Meeting Minutes, Marina Sinyard motioned for approval, motion seconded by Cheryl Zellmer.  APPROVAL OF TREASUERERS REPORTReview of report t for income and expenditures.  Cheryl Zellmer motioned for approval of Treasurers Report, seconded by Marina Sinyard. 
Medicaid Expansion:  Discussion continues in the legislature/senate. 
CEU Training:  Irma Mahone, CNE Coordinator advised the committee that application process has been difficult, still awaiting the availability of provider status training. VACPN missed deadline as the three educational events required within one year by 2 calendar days. Irma educated the commit on the ANCC Criteria (structural capacity, educational design process and quality outcomes) through slides and discussion.  VACPN meets the areas of structural capacity, and educational design process and Irma suggested that we review and enhance the area of quality outcomes.   The Executive Committee accepts the recommendation and agreed to meet at 3PM, October 9th at the fall conference to review Strategic Goals and Quality Outcome Measures.  
DBHDS: CHRIS reporting surrounding medication errors as neglect.  Marian and Irma have agreed to review published literature to develop a response to DBHDS. 
VACSB Nursing Counsel:  Lisa has drafted a letter to Jennifer Faison, VACSB Executive Director to introduce a proposal to develop a Nursing Council within VACSB.  Committee reviewed the letter suggesting some changes and additions.  Lisa will rework the letter and send out to committee for final approval. 
Mental Health Law Changes:  Allyson Tysinger, Office of AG provided conference all on June 17.
Lisa announced that Jennifer Phelps, LPN, VACPN Social Media Specialist was recommended and has been appointed to the Virginia Board of Nursing.  Jennifer will represent the LPN perspective to the BON.  Congratulations to Jennifer.
Transfer of Offices of Vice-President , Secretary  and Treasurer: 
·         Sharon Daniels accepted transfer of Office of Vice-President.  Committee expresses their appreciation to outgoing Vice-President, Cheryl Zellmer.
·         Sonja Mohr accepts transfer of Office of Treasurer.  Committee thanks outgoing Treasurer, Louise Pesnicak.
·         Incoming Secretary, Donna Horan was not able to attend this meeting.  Sharon Daniels, outgoing Secretary recorded minutes of meeting and will transfer duties to Donna at the Fall Conference.
VACPN By-Law Revision:  Irma has reviewed the By-Laws at the request of Lisa.  The Executive Committee for final approval reviewed revisions to language, composition and purpose, (awareness to MH legislative issues added) membership, dues and fiscal year, and inclusion of CNE Coordinator as elected position.  
The Committee recommends that we also establish an elected position as an alternate CNE Coordinator for assistance to the Coordinator, and to plan for succession .Changes to the By-Laws will be presented to the membership at large at the Fall Conference.
LCVN New(purposed)Legislation: 
·         DHP purposes Criminal background checks for nursing for all RN and LPN licensure applicants. VACPN Executive Committee supports this proposal.
·         Provisional licensure as RN to applicants who has met the educational and examination requirements for licensure in order to allow the applicant to obtain clinical experience.  Executive Committee has requested additional information as to why purposed as clinical experience would normally be obtained during the educational program.  Lisa will take questions back to the LCVN.
·         Add home health organizations to the list of mandated reports that are required to report misconduct or substance abuse (unprofessional conduct) of a practitioner (typically a nurse or nursing assistant) to the DHP.  VACPN Executive Committee supports this proposal.
·         Petition for rulemaking filled with BOB to consider 150 clinical hours obtained by a paramedic to count toward the 500 clinical hours of RN licensure.  VACPN Executive Committee raided questions as focus of paramedic training is on pre-hospital emergency care (medical model) rather than nursing model of care. Lisa will take back to the LCVN.
Fall Conference:  October 9 and 10 Hyatt House
·         Final details nailed down.  Brochure ready to go out to Regional Reps. Posting on VACPN website for registration deadline of October 3.  Room reservation deadline of Sept 9.
Spring 2015 Conference:  discussion of possible speakers  Ideas generated at the table include Senator Creigh Deeds, chair of 4-years MH Task Force and Kathy Tierney, NP on CSU  topic.  Committee requests that Regional Rep seek ideas and suggestion for Regional Members and forward these to the President and CNE Coordinator.
Meeting adjourned at 2PM
Respectfully Submitted, Sharon Daniels, Vice-President