Welcome to the VACPN Blog!
Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses - VACPN
Welcome to the VACPN Blog!

March 2015

VACSB- Legislative Update 2-5-15

Good morning,
The VACSB Legislative Update, as of February 5, 2015, can be viewed by clickingHERE.
This document lists VACSB's positions on bills identified by the VACSB Clearinghouse Committee designated bill reviewers as well as our advocacy partners. 
The VACSB Clearinghouse Committee meets weekly during the General Assembly and the Legislative Update is published following these meetings.  The document will also be posted to the VACSB website each week.  
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the VACSB office.

VACPN Treasurer's Report 2-5-15

VACPN Treasurer's Report
Submitted By Sonya Mohr, RV VACPN Treasurer Report
Balance Forward
Hyatt House Hotel Rooms (Rachel Isak-speaker & Jen Phelps member
Hyatt House Fees for fall Conference
Deposit (Fall Conference Fee)
2015 VACSB Conference (Sharon Daniels)
Pay Pal Transfer from fall Conference

Home Health, Hospice and CMH 10.30.14

Through our contacts at LCVN, the Virginia Association for Home Care and Hospice asked me to do a conference call on the importance and benefits for home health / hospice nurses to engage in continuing education with respect to community psychiatric nursing.
So I attached a rough outline to start as far as talking points for the call.  If you all could take a look and let me know if you have anything to add.
Thanks, Lisa
Home Health, Hospice and Community Mental Health
Three Peas in a Pod

Minutes from VACPN Executive Committee Meeting Aug 15 2014

Executive Committee Meeting
August 15, 2014
Attendance: Lisa Babilon, President; Cheryl Zellmer, Vice-President; Louise Pesnicak, Treasurer; Sharon Daniels, Secretary; Jennifer Phelps, Social Media Specialist; Irma Mahone, CNE Coordinator; Randy Ascosta, Region II Rep; Marina Sinyard, Rep; Kirk Morton, Region IV Reps; Sonja Mohr, In-coming Treasurer
Absent: Donna Horan, in-coming Treasurer, Region I , Region III and Region V Representatives.