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Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses - VACPN
Welcome to the VACPN Blog!

June 2012

Minutes 5.10.12

VACPN Business Meeting Minutes
Attendance:  Jan Puffenberger, Sharon Daniels, Cheryl Zellmer, Lisa Babilon, Joann Berkson, Joyce Southern, Marina Sinyard, Donna Horan, Iram Mahone, Jen Phelps, Ashton Franklin, Louise Pesnicak, Kirk Morton, Margurite Murray, Allison O’Brien,
10:45 am Lisa called meeting to order.
Secretary’s Report:  Read by Jen Phelps in Jennifer Bowden’s absence.  Irma suggested change “or” to “and ANCC, VNA” Joyce motioned to accept, Jan P seconded.