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Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses - VACPN
Welcome to the VACPN Blog!

February 2012

Overview on Re-Packaging

Secretary's Report 2.3.12

Executive Meeting
February 3, 2012
Location:Hanover Community Services, Mechanicsville –Bell Creek Office
Attendence:Lisa Babilon, Jen Phelps, Louise Pesnicak, Chris Luchie, Irma Mahone, Jayne James, Marina Sinyard, Margurite Murray, Joyce Southern.
Meeting called to order 10:20am by President, Lisa Babilon.
Secretary’s Report:Reviewed by members attending, one item required correction. The statement referring to the decision about choosing jackets vs. hoodies was incorrect. At the time of the meeting a decision was deferred until members could select whether or not to choose the jacket or the hoodie, whether or not the VACPN would pay for these or the members themselves.