Welcome to the VACPN Blog!
Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses - VACPN
Welcome to the VACPN Blog!

October 2010

VACPN Treasurer's Report 10.18.10

VACPN Treasurer’s Report
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Submit your 250 Abstract here...

VACPN is interested in utilizing nurses as speakers and doing presentations on current topics for Regional Meetings and Conference Events.  Nurse’s  who are interested can submit an abstract max 250 words here on the webiste.  Abstracts to be submitted no latter than January 1, 2010 and will be voted on by the Executive leaders during the February executive meeting.  The VACPN will submit letter’s of recognition for those chosen to present to their CSB Director’s. We look forward to hearing from our fellow nurse's!

Discussion Board

This format is where you can start a Discussion and anyone that comes to this site is able to comment.  Please be respectful and use this format for Q&A or problem solving.  If you have any questions or concerns contact the website administrator : Jen.Phelps@vacpn.net

VACPN Fall Conference

Please refer people to the web site for conference information and registration forms!