Welcome to the VACPN Blog!
Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses - VACPN
Welcome to the VACPN Blog!

August 2010

CSB Repackaging- DRAFT 3/9/10 (BOP)

A. Unless otherwise provided, fees listed in this section shall not be refundable.
B. Unless otherwise provided, any fees for taking required examinations shall be paid directly to the examination service as specified by the board.
C. Initial application fees.
1. Pharmacist license$1802. Pharmacy intern registration$153. Pharmacy technician registration$254. Pharmacy permit$2705. Permitted physician licensed to dispense drugs

VACPN.net is now an inter active web site!!!!

VACPN.net is offically an interactive web site!  You can comment and have discussion board feedback directly on the web site. 
Regoin One meeting Rep. meeting and location information can be found under the Upcoming Meetings section along with directions.  Regional Reps, send in your meeting dates and locations and have them posted to the web site.
Check out the web site and let us know what you need to make www.vacpn.net more user friendly for you!