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About Us
The Virginia Association of Community Psychiatric Nurses (VACPN) was founded in 1987 by Irma Mahone R.N., M.S.N., Ph.D., and Jeanne Fox, Ph.D. They had a concept: forming a network of psychiatric nurses in Virginia sharing ideas, expertise, information, and experiences.
These early founders of VACPN ignited the energies of the community psychiatric nurses and encouraged a dynamic movement of nurses. VACPN is a group of community psychiatric nurses of all educational preparations that is focused on the uplifting of these nurses across the state of Virginia.
VACPN has representatives in each of five regions across the state. These representatives hold regular meetings in your region. There, you are able to express your ideas, learn from your peers, and address issues. VACPN addresses your issues through forums, training, and seminars that are sponsored by this organization.
VACPN hosts an annual spring seminar and fall conference. Nurses from all over the state gather together to rejuvenate themselves professionally, educationally, personally, and most importantly, collectively.
VACPN is a group of nurses who are dedicated to the delivery of exemplary mental health services to the state of Virginia. We achieve this through our affiliation with an organization that serves to enhance the roles of community psychiatric nurses - this organization is VACPN.
The purpose of VACPN is to define and enhance the role of the nurse in mental health, intellectual disabilities, and substance abuse; to exchange ideas, models, and experiences; to facilitate networking and mutual support; to promote the improvement of nursing practice; and to promote professional growth.
Jennifer Phelps, LPN  
Horizon Behavioral Health 
Term 8/2017 to 8/2019

Lisa Babilon, RN, BSN
Hanover CSB
Term 8/2017 to 8/2019

Sharon Daniels, RN 
Vice President
Valley CSB - Retired
Term 8/2018 to 8/2020

Michele Morgan, RN, BSN
Horizon Behavioral Health
Term 8/2017 to 8/2019

Sonya Mohr, RN 
Horizon Behavioral Health
Term 8/2018 to 8/2020

Nina Beaman, RN, Ed.D.
CNE Coordinator
Aspen University 
Term 8/2018 to 8/2020

Kirk Morton, RN, BSN
CNE Coordinator
Richmond Behavioral Health Authority
Term 8/2017 to 8/2019

Kemelee Puryear, RN
Regional Rep Coordinator
Hanover Community Services
Term 8/2018 to 8/2020

Social Media Specialist

Region I

Regional Rep: Jennifer Rosenberg, RN-BC, BSN
Rappahannock Area CSB

Alternate: Jan Puffenberger, RN, BS
Rappahannock Rapidan CSB

Region II 

Regional Rep: Daryl Vasquez, RN, BSN, QMHP
Fairfax-Falls Church CSB
Alternate: Joann Berkson, RN

Region III

Regional Rep: Rebecca Stiltner, RN
Mount Rogers CSB

Alternate: Caroline Lambert, RN
Mount Rogers CSB
Region IV
Regional Rep:  Angela Harris, RN
Henrico CSB

Region V 
Regional Rep: Joanne Archie, RN
Hampton Newport News CSB
Alternate: Allison O’Brien, RN
Hampton Newport News CSB